Dr. Salma Jadavji was born and raised in Pakistan. She met her soul mate Dr. Taj Jadavji while attending medical school, soon after they got married they moved to Canada in 1976. She has three children; as well as, two grandchildren. Salma currently resides in Calgary, AB and this is the place she calls home.

Even though Salma is a doctor by trade and her background is in medicine, she is very artistic and this has caused her to pursue a career as an artist. She has always been interested in visual art; as well as, performing art and finds solace in working with her hands. Her artistic journey began in 1992, this is when she created her first painting. Under the supervision of John Williams she was able to pursue her interest and work with many different mediums. Salma Jadavji’s work is primarily the result of her need to create. It is both a challenge and an outlet; a discipline and a passion. Through her art she seeks to convince the viewer of how she interprets the subject, especially through Islamic calligraphy. Her art work can be defined as a balance between mastery of technique, an opinion to express and an emotional reaction. Her ultimate goal is to seek truth without being afraid to share what she finds. Some other hobbies which Salma enjoys are interior decorating, ceramics, reading, travelling, and flower arranging.

Salma Jadavji has taken her passion of art and allowed it to be a way for her to give back to the community. She has had numerous art shows which have allowed her to raise money for various charitable organizations; such as, the Alberta Children’s foundation, Cancer foundation, Aga Khan foundation, Boys and Girls club, Dil foundation and many more.

Painting has also allowed Salma the time to volunteer and this is something she takes great pride in. She has devoted a lot of time to many different organizations and has been an active leader within and outside of her community since 1990. Due to the time spent volunteering she had the opportunity to meet Jalal Ladak and Akbar Herao. Together they decided to start a radio show which is known to all as Salaam Namaste Canada Production. This show airs on SurSangam radio in Calgary. Salma had never done anything like this before but decided she wanted to give radio and TV a try. When asked what she has enjoyed best about this experience she replies, “I have met so many wonderful people through my radio and TV experience. It has given me great pleasure to interview many different people from all walks of life.”