Salaam Namaste Canada TV

Salaam Namaste Canada Productions Ltd. (SNC) is running one of the most popular TV program on CHAKDE TV by the name of 'Salaam Namaste Canada TV Program'. The talk show features celebrity interviews, gossips, current affairs and much more. you can watch Salaam Namaste Canada TV Program on every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 am to 12:00pm (MST) on BELL Express View channel # 2323 and on Jadoo TV. The show is conducted by one of the most popular anchors Jalal Ladak, Salma Jadavji & Akbar Herao.

For advertisment on our TV program, Please contact us at You can also watch our past dated shows on our YOUTUBE channel. Please go to our social media link and subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel.

Following are the videos of our past dated programs.